High Court

Justice Petrus Damaseb, JUDGE PRESIDENT

The High Court of Namibia comprises two Divisions; namely, Main Division (Windhoek) and the Northern Local Division (Oshakati). The High Court further derives its mandate from the Constitution, as provided for in Article 80.

According Article 80 the following are provide:

  •    The High Court shall consist of a Judge-President and such additional Judges as the President, acting on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission, may determine.


  •  The High Court shall have original jurisdiction to hear and adjudicate upon all civil disputes and upholding of this Constitution and the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed    The High Court shall also have jurisdiction to hear and adjudicate upon appeals from Lower Courts  thereunder and criminal prosecutions, including cases which involve the interpretation, implementation


  •    The jurisdiction of the High Court with regard to appeals shall be determined by Act of Parliament.’

Honourable Judges of the High Court Main Division Windhoek

Left to Right: Justice Liebenberg, Justice Masuku, Deputy Judge President Angula, Justice Oosthuizen, Justice D. Usiku, Justice B. Usiku, Judge President Damaseb, Justice Ndauendapo, Lady Justice Shivute, Justice Ueitele, Justice Siboleka, Justice Unengu, Justice Geier